My First Time

10 months later....

19 November 2009

I walked into Incline Tattoo and Piercing with 4 good friends, my partners in crime, my support, my reassurance and did what I had to do. There were mixed feelings among my friends about what I was doing but through it all they were very supportive.

I probably wasn’t thinking straight either since I had just written my last UNDERGRAD exam just a few days earlier. Too few hours spent sleeping or eating right and too many hours spent in the DUNGEON (that part of the library that others barely knew existed). I knew I was graduating, I was done with Cape Town. I was done with all the freedom associated with being over 1000km away from home (1828.43 km to be exact. And yes I googled it!) and living on my own for the very first time.

See I’m the type of girl who never really broke any rules! Lived my life by the book. Went to a high school that was situated in town and went straight home afterwards… well most of the time anyway. Never sneaked out with friends or lied to my mum about my whereabouts well except that one time but that’s another blog all together… So after 4 grueling years at university mainly focused on getting that piece of paper that is supposedly meant to decide how the rest of my life pans out, I just had to do something for myself. Something to assert my independence and instead of moving out of my mother’s house or going abroad or getting a job, I decided to get a tattoo!!

My heart was beating so loud that I thought it would rip out of my rib cage. I was only allowed to go in with one friend so Ngwana was the unlucky victim. The sound emanating from that machine was enough to make me question whether I really wanted to do this. Think dentist’s drill at full volume with needle type thing attached to one end and your skin at the other end…. I squeezed Ngwana’s hand so tightly she thought I had broken her pinkie finger. But I went through with it, I had to.

And I don’t regret it one bit.


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