Seasons of Friendship

Research has been done on humans and how we cannot live without touch in other words we cannot live without other humans. But sometimes the people we have in our lives let us down.

Friendships are like seasons.

We go through summer – warm weather, long days, short nights, lots of good times.  This is when we are sharing golden moments from club hopping, shopping, partying up a storm, trying out new experiences. Everything is rosy and there is lots of fun involved.

Then autumn comes along. Melancholy sets in. The threat of winter fast approaching changes people. As the leaves begin to turn yellowy orange and fall, friendships begin to turn sour. Little things that we used to like begin to annoy us but we somehow we manage to handle that.

Winter arrives. The cold sets in and by some mysterious power so does our behaviour towards each other. The growth stops and friendships die!

Then spring comes around. The true friendships stand the test of time. Transgressions are forgiven and friendships start again, on a clean slate. Whatever happened in the past is used to make the friendship stronger. It’s a time for rebirth, renewal and regrowth..

The end of one year and the beginning of another cycle of friendships.

But what happens to the friendships that withered away? What happens when you get tired of being the one who always calls, always smses, always emails? What happens when you get tired of always making the first move? Do you carry on and keep making an effort despite unreciprocated actions? Or do you just ignore all the memories that you shared? Sometimes the guilt just overwhelms us and we feel like we have been the terrible friends but some very wise words from T.D. Jakes always get me through such situations. It’s a bit long but take some time out to read it.

I’ve realized some people are just not worth the stress. True friends are the ones with all your numbers (including the ones that you ditched years ago), ALL ten million of your email addresses, your different skype names, know your myspace page just as well as they know theirs, are forever posting on your facebook wall, will take random pictures with you and eat lollipops with you on a night out or just accept your ORANGE shoes. Those are the friendships that are worth watering and nurturing. Those are the people who will always be there for you.

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Those are the friendships that I will cherish.


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