Muzic sez it bestest!

I am not a music guru nor am I a music fundi. I am not going to claim to listen to all genres or know every single musician that has ever existed. What I do know is that music has a strong effect on me. What I can confidently say is that I know what I like to hear and what sounds good to my untrained ear. What I know for sure is that sometimes all I need is just a song.

William Shakespeare summed it up bestest when he said;

If music be the food of love, play on,
Give me excess of it;

When it comes to music, it’s like a drug for me and I am like a junkie with no remorse or any plans to go to rehab any time soon. I can spend the whole day doing nothing but listening to music. These are the moments that are most sacred to me. When I sing along and add my own words when I get to that verse that I don’t know very well!!! When I zone out for a couple of hours and just lose myself in the words and in the beat.

My cousin summed it up a few days ago when her facebook status read: Muzic sez it bestest! She was right. Music is one of those things that can control my emotions, help me through situations and bring back memories that were long forgotten. Muzic just sez it bestest! Whatever I’m feeling, whatever mood I’m in, I can always find a song to complement that. The other thing I love about music is that like sport, it brings people together. There is no class, no race, no gender – nothing to differentiate people. Everybody is there for one common goal – their love for the artist.

Lately, I’ve been enjoying golden oldies. In my mere 23 years of existence, my definition of golden oldies may differ to the majority of people reading this. I mean music from back in the day when people really sang and didn’t just use auto tune. I’m talking about music from back in the day when you could FEEL the raw emotions through the song. I’m talking about the songs that other artists are ‘covering’ or turning into house tracks. I’m talking about Etta James, Whitney Houston (before the drugs), Betty Wright. I’m talking about the ‘I did it firsts’. The people who originally did the songs.

Now don’t get me wrong, I also listen to the T-Pains and Rihannas but the music industry is just not the same. The only way I can tell if someone can really sing is when they have perform live and even then, I still have my reservations. What with all the technological advancements and computer programmes and software such as fruity loops and virtual dj, you just never know anymore…

Music is an extension of self-expression and I would be lost without it. Personally, the greatest loss to me would be the loss of my sense of hearing because muzic sez it bestest. So to ALL the people out there who making music and creating an outlet for the rest of us, keep doing what you do bestest!

And if you were wondering, yes I was jamming it up as I wrote this 🙂


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