I want so many things…

I want so many things in this life

I want to be unafraid to take a chance and make a bold risky move

I want you to leave me alone

I want you to stop whispering when I walk into the room

I want to BE

I want to hand in all my work

I want to have normal non academic conversations

I want to express myself without fear

I want to have secret love affairs with the theatre

And flirt unashamedly with poetry sessions and Shakespeare

I want to sit in the sun all day and not attend lectures

I want to go to the beach and not feel guilty

I wanna put on makeup and not break out

I wanna exercise, I wanna lose weight, I wanna be taller

I wanna I wanna I wanna it’s too much for me

I want to tell you what is on my mind and not worry about what you will think

I want to be rich and make something out of myself

I want to meet a decent man

I want you to trust that I will never hurt you

I want to stop being confused

I want to grow up but I want to always be your little girl

I want to know my father and have him take me to the park and call me and spoil me and treat me like his youngest baby girl

I want my mother to experience true happiness

BUT most of all, I just want to live my life the best I can!


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