The blacker the berry, the sweeter the juice!

What is beauty? Is it being size 0? Being light skinned? Having perfect flawless skin? Or having an amazing set of pearly whites? Are the beautiful girls the ones who have Brazilian weaves in their hair? Or the ones that rock afros? How do we define beauty in such a way that the entire world understands? Yet if we try to box this concept then are we not trying to create one image of beauty? Create one look?

Between makeup, clothes and R5000 hair dos, I do not think ‘ugly’ people exist anymore. How do we define ugly anyway? Who decides what is beautiful and what is ugly? And who said their perceptions of beauty are the correct ones? The ultimate answer?

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It makes me feel really uncomfortable when people tell me I’m beautiful. I’m not blowing my own horn nor am I trying to sound cocky. I am just stating a fact. It makes me feel really uncomfortable. It feels like you are under a microscope. Like the person is looking at every inch of your face and inspecting it. What happens when you see me on a bad day? Am I still beautiful or will you just attribute it to me having a bad day? What happens when I start to get wrinkles? Will I still be beautiful or will you be wishing I would just use some botox? It is just too much pressure.

I have redefined what beauty means to me. As cheesy as this may sound, true beauty comes from within. True beauty is not superficial. It is an element you possess and you do not even know it. It is confidence in who you are and acceptance of yourself, warts and all. It is the ability to make people feel at ease when they are around you. It is the charity work that you do when you know none is watching, the R10 you give to the bum by the side of the street even though you are tired of giving, it is putting a smile on someone’s face to brighten their day. It is deep within a person.


One thought on “The blacker the berry, the sweeter the juice!

  1. vimbai says:

    hey Cuz..oh wow, now thats interesting right there. l totally agree, media has given us so much and redefined what beauty is to us so much that we have forgotten who God says we are. And even now, whilst l do agree that beauty comes from within, the same God who created the inner person, is the same God who creater the outer physical us. When he created Adam and Eve and was done, he said ‘and it was good’. He knows what it means for us as women to want and need to be valued as women and and what our image means to us. There is nothing wrong with being told you are beautiful! Its appreaciating you the way you are, flawless or not, afro or not, bad day or not, its just appreaciating you as you are and thats just amazing. I dont need to see you to tell you that you are beautiful, but l knwo you are beautiful!! Its a question we ask ourselves, am l beautiful? a lot, and the best validation we can get on that, is from God..and his answer is always, yes my daughter…even Solomon in all his splendour does not begin to compare with you. Its not what the world says, but what God says. You are fearfully and wonderfully made!! (Psalm 139) you are beautiful!! you are beautiful inside and outside together, because they all make one person! However, l do agree with you, our beauty is not just the outside, but its the out and the inside..and yes,the inside is more important..because God looks at the heart and it is the condition of your heart, that lets you do all the good works and develops a beautiful character and adorable personality in a person!!
    speak on cuz!! ❤

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