Falling in love…

Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery

None but ourselves can free our mind

Have no fear for atomic energy

‘Cause none of them-a can-a stop-a the time

Bob Marley – Redemption Song  (written 1979)

I don’t boast, I acknowledge

I’m not here to impress, I am an impression

Tshepo Tshola, 2010

Yesterday I fell in love. It just happened. Within a few seconds I knew I didn’t want to be anywhere else. I felt butterflies in my tummy. In that moment I was transformed to a place of tranquility and happiness. Last night, Market Theatre stole my heart.

When I arrived Lebo Mashile was in the foyer. My first thought was so this is where she hangs out? I was at Market Theatre ready to indulge in some music and have a fun night out with my sisters.

Sipho ‘Hotstix’ Mabuse was the first act and the first song he performed was Redemption Song. One of my all time favorites.  Right there and then, I realized that I missed the theatre and I missed going to summer concerts in Kirstenbosch Gardens. When I’m in the midst of great musicians it feels like time stands still and everything else ceases to exist. Three hours feels like 5 minutes.

There is nothing like a seasoned singer. Someone who knows their way around all things music. With 40 years of experience, Tshepo Tshola is a veteran. Music is his life and you can tell from his performances. He has the swagger of Kanye West without the arrogance and suave moves like Ne-yo without trying too hard. Tshepo brought his son along for one song and it’s clear that his son gets it from his daddy! It was wonderful to see 2 generations on stage complementing each other in a way only father and son can. Tshepo’s back up ladies or his support as he called them were just as amazing. Their big voices sent shivers down my spine.

Now I didn’t grow up on Sipho’s music or Tshepo’s. I’m only really beginning to appreciate it. I guess that’s what growing up does to you. I knew maybe 2 songs at most but I still had a blast. It was an amazing experience. One of those that I wish I could store in a box and every time I need a pick me up, I would just open my box and go through it all over again.

The first time I went to a theatre, I was 19. After that I didn’t go as often as I would have liked. But after yesterday, I have vowed that I will make more of an effort to go to the theatre. And I’m going to start by taking my niece to watch The Nutcracker at the State Theatre when it opens.


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