I hate reading the newspaper. Despite it being a source of information on what is going on in the rest of the world, there are just too many stories of death and destruction.

Sunday Times, South Africa, 26 April 2011: 151 die in 127 weekend crashes

News24, Libya, 25 April 2011: 4 dead in Libya bombing

The Standard, Zimbabwe, 24 April 2011: 70 perish in holiday accidents

The Telegraph, United Kingdom, 26 April 2011: School girl learns about drugs on internet

The New York Times, United States, 26 April 2011: Arkansas storm leaves at least 2 dead

These are headline obtained during a 5 minute online search. Headlines like these sell the papers!

Is it because as humans, we like to hear about other people’s misdemeanors as it reflects our own miserable lives in a more positive way?

Or do death and destruction make the world go round?

Or perhaps its just an accurate description of how twisted and cruel the world really is?

I don’t know what the true reason for having so many sad stories and I am not in any way saying such stories should be downplayed but reading the paper is so depressing.

I just wish we could have more positive stories to read every morning


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