In memory of Senzeni

I am amazed at the level of tolerance and the ability to forgive that some individuals possess. I mean, yes, sometimes I choose to have short-term memory loss to aid me in forgiving people but some crimes just seem larger than others!

A lady quite close to me is HIV positive. She contracted this disease from her husband who passed away a few years ago. She does not appear to be angry or bitter or resent his love child that she is now taking care of. When I speak to her, she reminisces about her youth and how much fun she had so when she got married and her husband came home at odd hours, she was ok with it because she had lived her life. If I was in her situation, I think the anger and resentment of what my husband had done would kill me rather than the actual disease itself. I do not think, no I know I would not be as level-headed as she is.

Senzeni is a strong woman possessing character traits (such as her ability to forgive) that I one day hope to possess myself


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