Mid-Twenties Crisis

(written before I turned 24)

I’m fast approaching 24. Never in a million years would I have pictured my life as it is now. I never imagined I would be in banking let alone enjoying it. I thought by now I would have met Mr Right and we would be planning a wedding for next year. The age to get married was 25 now the question is do I even want to get married. Looking back to high school days, I remember how I wanted to study journalism and eventually read the news on CNN. But  I had never really picture my life after university.

I never imagined I would start a blog where I share so honestly and write from the heart at the risk of having complete strangers, so-called friends and foes read about me and come to their conclusions of what kind of person I am.

Now I find that my goals have changed and I want to work with women and children. I want to be an advocate and fight for their rights and do my share in creating a better world.

So much has happened in these 24 years;  views have changed, new ideologies have been adopted, hearts have been broken, bodies have been tattooed, new tastes in music & fashion have emerged. A lot of growing up has been done and yet more change is still on the way.

I wonder how this post will look when I am in my mid thirties…

One thought on “Mid-Twenties Crisis

  1. Tariro says:

    hey story of our lives, it never rily turned out the way it thot it would either, but u know wat its all a journey. this is wer we r now but its not yet over…..enjoy the ride as much as u can.
    u know the feelin u get when u think OMG, i shud have enjoyed high school a lil bit mo coz now i cant go bac, well enjoy ure mid 20s dear coz once its done u cant go bac….

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