It’s exam time. It’s that time when;

… students go into hibernation…‘to study’… or more like to discover new series, new movies, new books or new music that just has to be sampled during those 2/3 weeks and cannot wait until after exams are over.

… the sales of Bio Plus, Red Bull and other energy drinks goes up.

…doctors visits are augmented and medical notes become a common feature

… the library is packed and some students have resorted to studying by the park and read areas

…and you know you are fully utilizing the university resources when the security guard on duty ask you where you were the previous day because they didn’t see you at the library

…friends are scarce as they are all trying to cram that last bit of information.

For others however, it’s time to party, catch up with mates, go to the beach and/or sleep in. I was never one of those. I did my 8 hour sessions in the library and after the library had closed, did a further 4 hours at home. This was largely due to the fact that I never really read my textbooks until swot week. One thing that I did do however for my exams was to dress up. I made sure I looked great because it gave me a little extra confidence. I had a spring in my step that couldn’t be attributed to having studied extra hard. It was my way of dealing with the stress and nerves that come attached to exams and it worked for me.

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