Facebook Etiquette

The problem with Facebook is that there is no manual. This leads to certain distasteful behaviour. The first of which is the problem of TMI. People tend to share too much information on Facebook. I don’t need to know about your hard-ons (true story) or what you had for breakfast, lunch or supper or any other personal details.

Facebook is a platform where we can all indulge in a little shallow behaviour but some people just seem to take the cake. Perhaps I’ve just grown up. It’s good that you think your girlfriend is beautiful but looks fade. Her character is what is most important. And bragging about how hot you are because according to you, you’ve dated some of the most gorgeous women in Bulawayo. Remember that beauty is in the eye of the beholder…

Then there is the matter of ‘likes’.  I’m guilty of liking my own status and I don’t judge people for that but when you like a condolence message, I mean really, what is up with that? Where is the sense in that? Ok so you ‘like’ what someone has said but there is the option to comment and say great to know you are supporting XYZ or better yet inbox the person concerned and say that you admire the support they are offering XYZ.


Perhaps the problem is that the word like has lost its meaning. We like cake, children, cars, people, dogs, films, movies… Yeah the true essence of that word has been lost…


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