I need a car

  •  I get to choose what music plays on the way to work
  • I don’t need to put up with the foul smells of cigarettes
  • I won’t have to sit squashed in the back seat with geisha on my left and makhwapha on my right
  • I won’t have to worry about how I’m going to get home after a night out with the girls
  • I can finally go off for the weekend and not have to rely on others for transport
  • In winter I can avoid the early morning chill I usually face while standing at the bustop
  • In summer I can have air conditioning to cool me down
  • Come December,  I can avoid getting rained on
  • I won’t be late for work, ok I won’t be late for work as much as I tend to be now
  • I won’t have to put up with steamy windows, I can open the windows as and when I choose


3 thoughts on “I need a car

  1. Boss Vee says:

    you don’t have to deal with engaging in small talk with dirty drunk low life men, who really can’t ignore coz u scared he might stick a knife in your chest! 🙂

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