Motherly Love

My 20 year old cousin takes drugs.

It’s not a secret amongst the family. He’s always been a problem child, from the time he was in creche. He was chased away from about three or was it four different creches for beating up other people’s children. All the way to high school, his “crimes” ranged from counterfeiting money, dagga, stealing from his mom to repeatedly flunking his way out of school.

As his peer, I don’t even know what to say to him. Whenever we visit, he acts normal as if everything is ok and just says it’s the teenage years and his mom has lost touch and laughs it off. But we all know there is more to the story than that. And usually people who take drugs need to admit to themselves first that they have a problem and seek help by themselves otherwise all efforts to help are in vain.

Through it all his mother has been there by his side bailing him out when he gets himself into trouble. She has cried herself to sleep on many occasions but she has always been there for her son. As someone with no children myself, I wonder why she doesn’t just kick him out of the house. My logic being, maybe if he is out on the streets he will shape up.

Seeing everything that my aunt goes through with her son makes you realise that the love of a mother knows no bounds. Mothers are special people out there and we need to appreciate them for this unconditional love.


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