Tell me, why?

Tell me why the sky is blue,
Tell me why my hair is like wool?
Tell me why babies cry when they want to fall asleep?
Tell me why the world is so foul?
Tell me why he doesn’t love me so?
Tell me why I have to pray every night?
Tell me why I feel like God is so far AWAY?
Tell me why people like to pick on me?
Tell me why they enjoy making themselves my victims?
Tell me why you stare at me all the time?

Tell me why?

Why November comes after August,
Why people grow old and die?
Why I can’t write as well as he and she?
Why I can express myself better on paper than face to face?
Tell me why I have so many questions?
Tell me why I receive so little answers?
Tell me why it’s ok to be a size 0?
Tell me why you worry more about my weight than I do?
Tell me why you make me cry?
Tell me why I let you?
Tell me why I’m almost 25 and I’ve never been head over heels in love?
Tell me why there is so much injustice, death and sadness?

Tell me why?

Tell me,



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