Day 2

The purpose of Day 2 is

  1. To force me to own up to exactly which areas I’d like to improve upon in my life.
  2. To give me encouragement to build on what’s already great about it.
For each of these specific areas of my life, I had to ask myself what I liked and what I disliked.


+ I love that I don’t pay any rent or have that many expenses

+ My friends and I have agreed to start our own version of McLarens (HIMYM) so we just need to get it underway

– I dislike having to stay in my mother’s house. I hate the curfew and always having to explain where I’m going and why I’m going

– I stay in a small town that does not have a wide variety fun stuff to do



+ I hart the fact that at the end of every month without fail, I have some money

+ I don’t like the current location where I’m based. It’s far away from town so I can’t seem to find time to do anything since I’m also the only teller in the branch.

– I’m a marketer through and through working in a bank as a teller



+ One aspect of my life that I’m truly happy about. I want to do masters but there is no rush right now


+ Almost debt free (1 more month)

+ Savings finally starting to happen

+ I’ve learnt how to draw up a budget and stick k to it (most of the time)

+ Wish I earned more so that I could help out around the house more



+  Blogging really helps the mind aspect of my health

+  Spiritual – slowly getting there

+ Body – taking control of my health by eating better and exercising 5 days a week most weeks

– Not in a healthy BMI ration

– Poor sleep patterns – I can’t sleep straight through the night

– Relying on my glasses more and more

– Irregular church appearances which can be improved



+ Good friendships with siblings, cousins and others


+ I have a great circle of close friends who are very supportive and love me unconditionally

– I am trying to avoid getting caught up in the middle of drama between 2 friends. I adore them both but if I have to pick sides its gonna be rough but I know whose loyalty means more to me

– My current relationship with a certain someone. It was fun at first but now it’s taking its toll on me…


2 thoughts on “Day 2

  1. For this challenge to succeed, honesty is the key word. Some of the elements that I didn’t want to share on my blog I’ve kept to myself but they are there in my notebook to remind me and keep me focused…

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