Day 5

I’ve had to rate myself from 1-10 on how I feel I’m acting out certain values in your life. From the looks of things, not very well… There is a LOT of room for improvement… possibly too much?

Financial security

  •  Rated 5
  •  I’m saving, that’s a start. I want to move to a stage where I’m investing and not creating new debt


  • Rating: 5
  • I take my first proper trip next year February to celebrate my 25th birthday. To be able to travel more, I need to save up more and make a list of all the places I’d like to see, how much it would cost me and who I could travel with.


  • Rating 5
  • I already pay my own way and don’t really depend on others for my well being. However I need to learn not to lean on my friends and family so much when its time to make BIG decisions and I want to get my own place – not rent it though, own it!


  • Rating 6
  • I try to speak truth ALWAYS and I need to keep it up. Speaking my mind in all situations is a new concept that I’ve embraced as well especially where people’s feeling and emotions are involved.

Good health

  • Rating 5
  • I’m doing a little bit to get myself into shape. I could probably add a little more to the regiment and be more consistent. In addition, I need to swap the Cadbury’s for fruits and veggies and have a more positive body image.


  • Rating 7
  • Constantly remind my nieces and nephews just how much I love them and have more outings with them. And one day in the distant future, have some of my own J


  • Rating 6/7
  • I think having my license will add to my current state of euphoria and focusing on the little things like the beautiful day that I get another chance to see.

Success (job wise)

  • Rating 4
  • Do this current job as best as I can and offer to help even when not asked. But the biggest is to get a new job…


  • Rating 4
  • Strive to be more prayerful and read my bible more


  • Rating 5/6
  • I should make an effort to do something exciting and new once a month like finally take up those French lessons and get my driver’s license!

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