Day 13

Life is made up of stages. At this stage in my life, I’m focusing on me, my career and being the best version of me possible. My next ideal life narrative will probably be more focused on having a family of my own. But for the next couple of years of my life this is how I picture it…

I’m staying in my own place. A big beautiful house with a large garden whose main feature is the massive tree located in a corner of the garden. I’ve just come back from my annual vacation and need to finish unpacking before game night on Friday. Brazil was AMAZING and it helped that I could hold my own in Portuguese. Running my event management company has never been so much fun because I dictate my working hours so I can catch that yoga class at 5am and volunteer on weekends. In addition to meeting new people, I’m blogging even more and not just about my personal life but about my business as well. My company is bringing in great returns and my little nest egg is growing nicely. I am so much healthier now – the best shape I’ve ever been in. Mind, body, spirit – I’m doing great! The family reunion is coming up again. After the last one I can’t wait to see everyone. I have an awesome relationship with my siblings and I can’t wait to see them again. I have also met a great guy. He’s supportive, honest, charming…

I am in a happy place!





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