I seek justice. I seek complete eradication of the little buggers otherwise known as mosquitoes! I mean, on which part of the food chain do mosquitoes fall? They are nothing but an annoyance and a disease spreader.

I’m a light sleeper unless I’m totally exhausted but most times I wake up at the slightest sound. When the neighbour’s cat is crying like a little newborn next to my window at 3am or when the damn mosquitoes are flying around in my room, I tend to wake up and I always struggle to fall asleep again after that. My legs now have marks on them thanks to good ol’ mosquitoes! It’s almost summer, how am I supposed to wear my shorts and dresses? Now I have to invest in bio oil to make sure I don’t get unsightly scars on my legs.

The way my room is designed; I can’t hang a mosquito net. I hate the mosquito coils, they stink. And I have a sensitive skin so I can’t use the repellent rubs and all that other jazz. The alternative solution (the best case scenario would be the COMPLETE ERADICATION of mosquitoes) is to spray my room with DOOM or RAID or TARGET or any other insect spray I can get my hands on. And even then the next day I’m back at it because they seem to be like Houdini and they don’t die!

Now my reasons for wanting to get rid of the little buggers are completely selfish. But statistics out there are alarming. According to the World Malaria Report 2010 by the World Health Organisation, there “were 225 million cases of malaria and an estimated 781 000 deaths in 2009, a decrease from 233 million cases and 985 000 deaths in 2000”. If alarm bells are not sounding in your head at this point, something is seriously wrong with you! 700 000 deaths due to those little buggers!!!!! 700 000 people died in one year because of mosquitoes! 700 000! People! Died! And most of these deaths occur among children “where a child dies every 45 seconds of malaria”.

Mosquitoes and malaria are real. Something needs to give.

I’m all for COMPLETE ERADICATION of the little buggers!


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