Day 18

My bucket-list

I drew up my bucket list in June and it’s still pretty much the same. Since June I’ve managed to tick off 1 more thing on the list. Still so much I need to do. I’m taking a mini vacation in February and I’m hoping to tick off more stuff.

  1. Hike up table mountain
  2. Sip on coffee and eat croissants in a little cafe in France
  3. learn how to play the guitar
  4. learn how to play the piano
  5. run the 2 oceans marathon in Cape Town
  6. learn to speak Portuguese
  7. build a snow-man
  8. spend some time in New York
  9. learn how to surf
  10. start a blog
  11. go to Vegas
  12. see a show on Broadway
  13. see all the 7 wonders of the world
  14. go on a party bus
  15. learn how to pole dance
  16. learn how to fly a plane
  17. ride a motor bike
  18. read the entire Bible
  19. get a tattoo
  20. travel on route 66
  21. Go bungee jumping





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