Day 20

Day 20 is about all DE-CLUTTERING my life. The challenge is to get rid of stuff that I don’t need. I rarely buy magazines so there are no magazines to give away. I don’t have a huge shoe collection so shoes are not an issue. I’ve been trying to narrow down my friend list on Facebook. I managed to narrow down to about 300. Will see if I can narrow down any more after my Facebook hiatus.

As for clothes…

A good friend of mine in varsity taught me that to get new clothes into my closet I had to create space by getting rid of some stuff. Of course this comment was made as she helped herself to a few items she had been eyeing. But she had a point. How do I keep buying more stuff without creating room for this stuff in my closet? So since then every time I tidy up my closet (which happens about3-4 times a month) I make sure that I get rid of something(s).

That being sad, I have a hard time letting go of my jeans. I stopped buying cheap jeans a while back. I invest in my jeans now. I want jeans that will last longer than a fad or a season. The problem is I’ve gained some weight and the ones that I own fit rather snug now. The best case scenario would be to give them away and get new jeans. But I can’t. I’m failing to part ways with them. I wonder if the people I give them to will understand that my jeans tell a story. I worry that people will not appreciate them because I did spend a lot of money on them. They will not understand the memories that I share with my jeans. Of course they must create their own memories but my jeans have seen me through a lot.

Guess that’s a weakness in my clutter free strategy that I will have to work on.





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