Day 22

Saw this on a website called lifestylesdefined and though it was so appropriate…

Head high, deep breath and swag strong…thats your lifestyle now! consider it defined!

Today I have to choose one specific area from my life map to make progress on within the next month. I decided to look at lifestyle.

Part of me acquiring independence is to own my own car and the first step is having a license. For me, this is a big thing because it’s something I’ve been half heartedly working on for 2 years. I’m tired of paying for lessons and I could use that money for something else. My success will be measured when I hold that driver’s license in my hand.  I need to find a driving school that will be able to run around and do my bookings. This has already been taken care of somewhat. My mum was talking to our neighbour and the neighbour has referred me to the driving school she used. Hopefully this is the last attempt. Obstacles involved might be in the form of the instructors the VID when I go for my test. They are a corrupt bunch and if you don’t pay them anything between $50 and $100 then you will probably go for a road test at least 5 times. They find fault even where you haven’t erred just so they frustrate you to the point of you paying them a little sumin sumin. I WILL NOT pay for something I deserve to get on merit alone. That being said, I will be calm when I go there. I will not lose my temper and I will remember that they hustle everyone. I will not take it personally if they fail me and I will keep going until I get my license. In order to see results in the next 30 days, I will call my new driving school myself and book for a road test as soon as possible. *In your face lizard brain :P*

Still with lifestyle, an X-mas carols concert will be held on the 6th of December and I plan on going as part of MacLarens.

My annual vacation is in the pipelines as well. Accommodation is sorted and I’ve almost saved enough for it then I can start organizing flights and what activities I’ll do once there.

The toughest bit is the apartment. I’ve been asking around for prices and I need to start saving for it so that if I decide to get a home loan I’ll have a nice little deposit saved up.




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