Day 23

Today I need to find a community to support my goals. A community of mutual support to help me along in my journey.  People I can turn to when the going gets tough. I need to explore different groups that I can join as part of my personal development journey.

I have an amazing network of close friends but I’ve also decided to be more active on LinkedIn and I’ve signed up to

Destiny Connect is the online hub for a South African magazine – Destiny. What I like about this magazine is that it appeals to all ages and it’s about celebrating successful women. They also have a mentorship section which I am definitely going to use.





2 thoughts on “Day 23

  1. I’m glad you’re finding some useful tools. I think figuring ourselves out is a process and l think people always morph as they grow older. The stuff l liked when l was 16 is not what l like now and the person l was back then is definitely not the same person l am today. I’m sure even in my 80s l’ll be looking back and thinking WHAT! Yes, there are basics, foundations but personally part of the fun in life is seeing the change. I hope your self discovery will be an exciting journey 🙂

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