Nappy Roots!

I’m on a new journey. To grow healthy LONG NATURAL hair. As a result, I don’t just put any products into my hair. I’m much more selective and I actually take care of my hair now. I do treatments once a week and moisturise my hair twice a day. I use coconut oil, peppermint oil, amla, oil, you name it.

This past weekend, I removed my braids. They were long and thin so as a result, my hairline suffered. At the current moment, I’m on a road to recovery – operation renewed hairline.

After removing my braids, I wanted my hair blow dried. I can’t do it myself so I decided to go to the salon and since I was going there anyway, I decided to get a treatment as well. I went with my own products (shampoo, cholesterol, moisturising lotion). First it was the snickering and rude remarks about how I want to “treat” my NATURAL hair. I guess they thought they were whispering but since us Shonas are generally loud, I could hear every single word. Then when I brought out my OWN products, it was more rude remarks and funny looks. Now, I’ve been to A LOT of hair salons in Bulawayo and the treatment is generally the same. BAD. I want a hairdresser who will embark on this journey with me and give me advice that will help my hair grow. I want more than a hairdresser. I want a hair technician. Someone who know, understand and respect my hair. Someone who will look at my hair and advise me on what products to use. Someone who will nurse my hair back to health. I feel Bulawayo salons and hairdressers are so backward. I’m yet to discover a hair dresser who will treat my hair with respect. If anybody knows a good salon in Bulawayo, give a sister a shout out please!

Did I mention, the girl couldn’t even blow dry my hair. She was useless. I left the salon looking the same way I did when I had walked in. Actually, my hair looked kinkier to me. And she had another client who had come to renew her s-curl. The hairdresser renewed it and only after did she realise the client’s hair had grown a little bit too long. And instead of admitting that she should have asked the client if it was ok to cut her hair then renew the s-curl, the hairdresser starts to complain about how difficult the client was! HELLO! WHAT! REALLY! Isn’t advice a crucial part of your job description????

I’ll say it again, If anybody knows of a good salon in Bulawayo, give a sister a shout out please! I wish Bontle’s could open a salon here as well *wishful thinking*


4 thoughts on “Nappy Roots!

    • Hi Cea, I don’t know any hairdressers to do hair in harare, I just know a braider. What I would suggest is as you look for one, take your own products and be strict with your hair (hairdryer shouldn’t be too hot, always use heat protectant before they blowdry, look for sulphate free shampoos, get wide tooth combs, hair must only be detangled while wet etc). I haven’t stepped into a salon in a couple of months, I’ve been washing my own hair at home and drying it in twists. you can check out africanhairblog. She has relaxed hair but for basic haircare treatment, her blog has been my go to for years now

  1. Tariro says:

    story of my life Chie, i got strange looks and sacrcastic quens when i took out my castor oil and honey. but i try not to mind much, its MY HAIR!!!
    found a place that does Keratin treatments in harare, a bit on the pricey side though

    • Nhai zvako Tari, its not our fault there is vast information on taking proper care of our hair out there and we use that information! In terms of products and quality hairdressers, Harare iri pamberi. I know of a salon that I visited 5 years ago but if I moved to Harare right now, Jackie would become my hairdresser without a doubt. I’ve been looking up the Keratin treatment thing for quite a while now. I’m almost sold…

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