Day 27

The challenge is to take myself out on a date and invest in some “me time”.

Initially I had planned to get home, read some poetry and listen to some good music but there was no electricity when I got home and my laptop battery was flat. But after 2 days of these setbacks, I decided that reading a book would be a good first date. Every once in a while I have a secret love affair with words. I giggle like a little school girl. I’m brought to tears. I get exultant, I get miserable. It’s a mixture of emotions.

I love words. I love books, I love reading. In another lifetime, I would probably be a book. One of those thick sturdy books with endless pages and pages of black and white bound in red leather with gold embossed page numbers. I would even have that comforting old book smell.

I miss sitting in the varsity library and getting lost in books. I would forget where I was, what time it was and all the school work I had waiting for me. I would get lost in the book curled up in some corner somewhere.

So for my date, I decided to indulge my eyes and mind. I read a couple of short stories by Zimbabwean authors Miriam Shumba, Kudzai Sophia Ndanga and Valerie Tagwira (that can be found online here, some Paulo Coelho 10 sec readings and a few poems by Lebo Mashile.

All in all, a good date.






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