Day 19

So before I get to the end of my 31 day challenge (more like 40), my accountability partner has noticed that I skipped a few days and she is making me go back and do them.

I have to redo *no, do as redo implies I did it already*, I have to do Day 19. I have to take someone on a date. She’s countered all my excuses! I’ve tried the no money approach, she said she’ll give me the money. I’ve tried saying I’ll be sick, it will rain, I’m going out of town, everything I could think of but she is not budging. She has even gone to the extent of calling someone for me. So now I have to go on this date.

*why did I choose her again?*

Maybe I’ll write about the date after…





2 thoughts on “Day 19

  1. Tell them NASA discovered a new planet (true story) and that they are looking for volunteers to go and resettle, and it just so happens that you volunteered 🙂

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