Day 30

I have to think about how I want to be remembered, what mark I want to make on the world before I die? What I want to contribute or what I want to be known for in my life? It took me about 4/5 days to write my own eulogy. Thinking about what people will say when you’re dead is not something one looks forward to doing.  But I finally managed to complete the task.

Chiedza Chichi Sunshyne Chikoto was born in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe and spent the first 18 years of her life there. After high school, she went to Cape Town, South Africa for further studies. That little 4 year stint must have been when the travelling bug bite her. Chichi travelled. Man, did she travel. Africa, Europe, America, Asia you name it. She loved new adventures and was always ready to go somewhere and do something fun.  She always had a smile on her face and laughter was never far away either – a great entertainer. Chichi was also known for her networking dinner parties. She was always bringing together different groups of people over some good food.

Her motto was I’m not weird, I’m a limited edition and that is exactly how Chichi went through life. She was unapologetic for who she was and was always trying to be true to herself. Chichi was stubborn but that persistence saw her become a flourishing business woman. It also got her into trouble a few times but she always stood up for what she thought was right and hated to see injustice being done. This probably explains why she ended up working as an advocate for women and children. She was known by many names, mother, wife, sister, friend, counsellor. Chichi is survived by the love of her life, 4 amazing children and 6 grandchildren. She will be greatly missed.





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