Germ attack!

Ever since I became a teller a few months back, I constantly wash my hands.

Money is a DIRTY thing. Just thinking about the places where people store money is disturbing. From wallets, back pockets, bras, ash trays and other places that I do not even want to imagine! I probably wash my hands a couple of times every hour now. Previously a tube of hand cream used to last me 2 months plus but now if we have a journey of at least 1 month together, I’m impressed. While on the topic of hands, I LOATHE shaking hands. Having to assume that the other person’s hands are clean, letting my imagination run wild with all sorts of things that people may have come in contact with during the day… I especially loathe people who feel the need to scratch/stroke the inside of my palm when we shake hands.

As if handshakes are not enough, there are door handles. For the longest time at varsity I would time my entrance and exit to a tee. I would never be the first or last to leave/enter a room. I didn’t want to have to touch the door handle.

All those germs lurking on handles and palms, underneath nails just waiting… waiting… waiting for that opportune moment to make me sick! I mean, who honestly takes time to wipe every single door handle in their house with disinfectant? Well besides me and other crazies out there.

And if you thought door handles were bad, what about toilet handles. It’s like a

cesspool of germs just waiting for a chance to make you sick. I don’t TOUCH toilet handles in public places. I’ll use tissue paper to manoeuvre myself around whatever flushing mechanism that particular restroom uses. Factor door handles with the fact that a lot of people don’t wash their hands after using the loo…  DISASTER! I’ve even perfected the art of opening a door using my elbow just so my palm does not come in contact with the handle.

I’ve done the waterless hand cleanser thing but my eccentricity kicked in and  the process of squirting this thick gel consistency liquid on my hands and rubbing them together didn’t go down well with me anymore. I need to WASH my hands with soap and water.

I need to know I’m removing the germs not just neutralising them. So now I carry wet wipes. They offer a mild relief for my over imaginative mind.

Then there is the habit of women of wanting to share lip balm! Sorry ladies but some things are just too personal to share. So let us prevent that awkwardness. You don’t ask me for my lip balm and I won’t have to say no to you or lie that I don’t have any lip balm on me.  I don’t know where your lips have been! The worst is when the said individual has “sick” lips (cracked lips or they just recovered from a cold sore). Aren’t you even ashamed to ask? I’ll admit now, I’ve denied having “lip stuff” just so I didn’t have to share.

Even cell phones have a level of uncleanliness. Now I make sure I wipe down my phone every couple of days. I mean between, pockets, handbags, cars … And don’t get me started on elevators,stair case rails, remotes and other germ dwellings.

In conclusion, don’t shake my hand, walk out first so you open the door, don’t ask for my lip balm and I’m certain we’ll have a happy co-existence.

Happy Sunday folks 🙂


One thought on “Germ attack!

  1. october madness says:

    lately i have been working the cash desk and the one thing, the only thing i hate about is all the dirty dollars i have to handle *cringes*

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