Never again… Once more…

“I’m done!” Serah moaned as she lay on Lisa’s bed looking at the fan as it circled round and round on the ceiling. “And this time, I’m for real!”

Lisa gave Serah a look that spoke volumes. If they hadn’t been such close friends, maybe Lisa would have been more compassionate. “Oh, what’s so different this time around?” she questioned.

“I’m tired of sitting around waiting for him to decide whether he really wants me in his life! I’m tired of feeling like a second-rate citizen in his life. I feel like an option, I want to be a priority!” Serah went on.

Serah’s on and off affair with Victor had been going on for over 2 years now. They had first met at her cousin’s house warming party. She was helping to organise everything and he had brought been sent to get some ice. She had been so busy that she hadn’t paid any particular attention to him or anybody else. It wasn’t until he needed a place to put down the ice that he caught her eye. She could still remember that moment when her eyes met his briefly and he flashed her that smile she couldn’t get enough of. Serah was mesmerised. And from that moment, the love/hate affair began.

The biggest challenge was that Serah and Victor stayed in different cities. By road, they were 15 hours apart, by plane, it was a mere 2 hours. Distance proved to be their biggest obstacle. That and the fact that Victor refused to admit his feelings. It had been a game of cat and mouse for as long as she could remember now. Every time she tried to confront him about his intentions with her, Victor always managed to change the subject. “Let’s not fight about this, we only have the weekend together and who knows when I’ll see you next!” It wasn’t all bad. Serah had some fond memories of Victor. He tried to be there for her. He made an effort to see her and treat her well. But lately, it felt like Serah was doing all the initiation. If she didn’t look for Victor, he didn’t look for her. Sometimes he wouldn’t take her calls or respond to her messages but if he was in town even for a few hours then her phone rang incessantly.

“That’s what you said the last time!” Lisa’s voice jolted Serah from her memories back to the present world.

Lisa was right. Serah had been singing the same tune for the past two years yet she didn’t do anything to get herself out of this rut. Their “relationship” had changed over time. It had started off with lots of passion. Victor chased her like a lion chasing his wounded prey. Serah had been unsure about him but eventually got used to having him around. It was nice to know that someone was looking out for her and had her best interests at heart. That was for the first two years since they had met. Nowadays, if she got so much as a phone call Serah was lucky. What sucked the most was that every time they did meet up, they had so much fun together. Victor was very open to trying new things so if Serah wasn’t dragging him to the theatre or a new restaurant that she heard about, they were going hiking or just taking long drives. Her city had so many mountains that a long drive could still be a great date. Each time Serah tried to cut ties with Victor, he would call and say something that left her head spinning. Victor had her in a trance like state and no matter how often she tried to get him out of her mind, she failed dismally.

This time it was Adele’s Someone Like You that jolted her back to reality. She looked down at her phone. It was Victor.

“Hey hun, I’m in your city. Let’s meet up for drinks tonight.”

Serah sighed as she stood up to go shopping. She had a hot date tonight!

-The end-


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