Of office parties and work politics…

Tis the season to be jolly


It’s that time of the year when we reflect on what transpired during the course of the year, what’s been achieved and what is in stock for next year. That time when companies give back to their employees and throw them a party to thank them for all the hard work they’ve done throughout the year.


I’ve had the misfortune of having to plan one. The number of employees is pretty small so I thought it would be easy to plan. Hmmmmm…. try getting 13 people with different ideas, some of whom did not want to have the party, to agree on something, anything!

Firstly, my venues were not good enough! I was told that sitting down in a fancy restaurant would restrict people. Restrict them from doing what exactly? By the way not a single soul danced at the party so I still don’t know what restrictions they were talking about. I was also made aware that married CHRISTIAN women who are bankers don’t go to bars full of debauchery and drunkards. Considering some of these bar owners are our clients and those same ‘drunkards’ will be people asking you to serve them tomorrow, I felt certain people would be right at home in a bar. But I digress, let me clarify. The restaurant we went to is in the same location as a sports club. Along with tennis courts, a soccer field and other eating areas, the sports club also has a bar. However, I was not taking the BANKERS to the bar. I was taking them to one of the restaurants at the sports club. This restaurant uses a separate entrance to the bar. So no banker or married woman had to be seen walking among rowdy drunk people. And even though people had confirmed that they were attending, they still didn’t pitch *shakes her head in feigned surprise*. There were lots more comments thrown around but I’m so over people with nothing positive to say so I’m not going to write about them any further. .

 *breathes in positivity, breathes out negativity*

In spite of all the drama, it was a good night, filled with loads of laughter, good food and memories to last a lifetime.


2 thoughts on “Of office parties and work politics…

  1. Wait till you have to plan a party for 200!! You will always get negativity with these kind of things. Especially from ‘holier than thou characters’!!

    • Funniest thing happened, she went to this so called bar and checked out the restaurant, hanzi its quite nice…. After preaching to the masses about how we were polluting their innocence! But I guess I should get used to such comments for when I start my event management company…

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