Wait! Weight!

My heart was pulsing, palms were sweating, a slight dizziness coming over me but I had to get onto that scale and look down at those two figures. Wait, its 2 Digits! Phew! Relief washed over me. I even did a little happy dance.

I hadn’t realized I had issues with the scale until I had to get onto it. I’ve been exercising and stuff but I was whining about my evident weight gain since I started my early morning routines. After googling this, (yes I Google anything that I don’t understand) I discovered that I’m not the only person who suffers from this minor setback and that drinking more water and not skipping meals helps.

I stepped onto a scale the other day, after months of denial ok let me be more precise (precision mimicking honest) – after just over 1 year. The biggest reason being my fear of those 2 little digits (which might even be 3!) yikes! My family has big-boned women on both sides so there is a high chance that I can be overweight. On the plus side, my sisters look amazing so I know it can be done and these “genes” can be fought and overcome. I’m scared of being overweight. I’m scared of the looks people throw in your direction when you’re of a larger structure. I’m scared of having to buy 2 plane tickets because 1 seat won’t be big enough. (Yes airlines do this to people). I’m scared of not being able to take my 1 hour walks anymore because I’ll be out of breath. I’m scared that my friends won’t want to be my friends anymore  because I’ll want to lock myself up in the house and not do the fun outdoors stuff we used to do. I’m scared I’ll hate bright colours and only want to wear dark colours that won’t draw attention. I’m scared of sweating even more profusely than I do now.I’m scared of the orange peel effect. I’m scared I won’t be able to dress the way I want to. I’m scared of being overweight.

Thanx to my accountability partner, new year’s resolution… I’m joining a gym!

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