Feel it. It is here.

2009 was labelled 2000 and MINE. And it was a good year. I truly felt like everything worked out in my favour. That is the year that I got a tattoo, I got my degree, I graduated from varsity. I lived. I had fun. 2010 was nothing to write home about really. I watched the soccer world cup and even attended a game or two. It was fun but 2012 is going to be different. 2012 is going to be 20 to SELF. I dedicate 2012 to improving myself and being a better person. To growing and being a better me. It kinda sounds selfish but this way, the me I will offer to the world will be a refined me. A me who is non judgmental, more open to new ideas and will not see obstacles but opportunities!

They say happiness does not come from the things we wish to have but it comes from the appreciation of the things we have!

Here’s to 2012…

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