Hibernate: to be stagnate, to lie dormant, to vegetate

I need sleep.

I finally understand why school, work etc is not 365 days (minus weekends and public holidays) straight. Sometimes all a person needs is to just rest. Heaven knows why I am so tired considering I spend most of the day at work sitting. I don’t have one of those jobs that require me to spend lots of time outside the office. Plus I’m not that busy but I am feeling exhausted! Perhaps I’m coming down with something or perhaps it’s all the in-activeness that is finally taking its toll but what I know is that I just need some R & R. A few days away with nothing but Mother Nature and good friends? to keep me company. The problem with having my friends though is that we will end up having so much fun, the issue of my lack of sleep will just be exacerbated. Actually a few days away ALONE wouldn’t hurt. I would spend the couple of days just sleeping. Then after that, I would take long walks and just breath in the fresh air. A chance to rejuvenate my mind, body and spirit. Maybe I should go away for my birthday…

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