25 and proud!

On the 11th of Jan 3 of my besties turned 25. These ladies all inspire me in their own individual ways and I am blessed to have met them in this life time. I am proud of them and proud for them. They have reached a quarter of a century and have many more quarters to go. They are great ladies, amazing ladies who are making their mark in this world.

I met Mimi in high school and we’ve been friends ever since. Mimi inspired me from that time to be confident and stand for my beliefs. Boss Vee, my partner in crime. 2011 would not have been as awesome as it was without you. Road trips, farm visits, I wouldn’t change anything we experienced! Nyari. My spiritual mentor. Every time we chat or tweet or Facebook I get more and more inspired to be a better Christian.

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When you were born

The universe rejoiced

When you were born

Our destinies connected

When you were born

Your parents could only have imagined

That you would lead lives

Full of joy, inspiration and goodness

Happy birthday ladies…


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