Guest Blogger: Chop it off!

Today’s post was written by a lady who goes by many names (literally and figuratively). Tendai Eunice Dionne Chiwaka is my friend, sister, maiguru just to mention a few. I prefer maiguru. In the Shona culture, sister in laws are called maiguru (their husbands will be brothers *hint hint*). Tendai is an amazing woman of God and is married to one of the sweetest men around. He’s so awesome, we nicknamed him 99%. I’ve known maiguru for about a year now and the one thing that I am guaranteed of whenever I speak to her is that I will laugh out loud! I asked her, no I begged her to write a post for me and share her thoughts on any topic. Thank you maiguru for taking time out to blog for me.Here is what she came up with…

Just recently I had a very heated and emotional conversation with a doctor mentor of mine. She is a specialist surgeon at one of the biggest state referral hospitals in the country. She says a group of doctors are advocating for the castration of men who are convicted of sexually molesting babies. Now, I am not a hard-nut blood and gore loving vengeful person but on this one I say RIGHT ON! One of her illustrations of what prompted this whole move is the story of a 2 month old she recently operated on. This baby had been so violated all her internal organs were ‘mince-meat’. The doctors are not sure if she will ever walk but one thing is certain, she will never be able to bear children of her own, the poor girl cannot even pee, she has to have a catheter attached for the rest of her life. All that’s left is a big gaping hole where her womanhood used to be. How, how does a person rape a 2 month only baby? I can’t wrap my head around it. Are you that lusty? To take off her nappy and insert your gorged member into her……where are you putting it? To achieve WHAT? And you actually get satisfaction? Argh! Man……. (I wish I could make that Nigerian movie tongue-click Mxcmm)

I tend wonder if there is a sudden increase in such cases or if it’s just a matter of more being reported or me being more aware of them. It seems suddenly a newspaper is not complete without a headline screaming “Man convicted of raping niece (2)” “Grandfather Rapes granddaughter (18mts)” I don’t even read the details of these stories any more. Just the headliner is enough to get my blood boiling. What makes it worse is in MOST cases these perpetrators are people who are supposed to protect these children. What has the world come to if I cannot leave my daughter with my own brother for a couple of hours, even minutes…..if I cannot go drop my sweet angel to grandpa for an afternoon play date. I will not even talk about leaving her to play in the yard while I got fetch a glass of water for her coz you never know what the neighbor, or the passing stranger has on his mind! What oh what is this world coming to?

I like to think when my mother sent me to school all she had to worry about was if I had enough tuck money, school fees, uniforms and books, not what kind of a man my teacher is. Is he the kind that sees little girls and finds an outlet for his perverted thoughts? Is he the kind that believes in “catching them young”? Today’s mother is faced with a different set of worries altogether. And some she is too helpless to control. Much as we may love our princesses and want them to grow in a glass castle, we just cannot be with them 24hours of every day. They got to get an education; we got to make some money. The African culture makes it even worse…….child rearing is traditionally viewed as a community project. Leaving your child at the neighbors while you go to grab something in town is not so much of a big deal. Leaving them behind with uncle Bob is actually recommended and leaving them with gramps, ah! He loves “spoiling” his lil munchkin and appreciates every minute you afford them to be together.

In comes the nyanga (traditional healer) who told the guy that he would get cured of the deadly HIV, virus all he needs to do is “do the deed” with a pure virgin, preferably a suckling child. I say he needs castration too and no anesthetic for him and his sorry self. I want him to feel pain, to scream his head off as so many of those little girls do, to feel the sharp piercing pain of a foreign object violating his most precious parts. Oh! I so want him to suffer. So me, I am putting my voice behind the call to CHOP IT OFF! It has got to go……….if only one person gets the fear of God in them at the thought of that there happening to them, I say point made!


One thought on “Guest Blogger: Chop it off!

  1. i am so with you on this one!!!!! chop it off because the owner definately doesnt know what to do with it!!!!! i makes me mad, where will he be looking and what will he be feeling while violating a defenseless little one. any form of rape is atrocious but a baby is so much worse.

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