On Ipsums, MPVs and passing out…

I have a crazy hairdresser.

She’s friendly, full of life and really talkative. She has these crazy theories like how she will never date a man who drives a company car, an Ipsum or an MPV. (In Zimbabwe there has been an influx Japanese and British car imports and these are the main brands. These same brands are now being used as public transport and they are an alternative to taking combi’s.)She says she doesn’t date men with company cars because if the company takes their car back then she has to go back to walking and Ipsums and MPVs are just too common.

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Another theory of hers is that any man who is interested in her should prove that he can pay her rent. She puts all potentials on a probation period of 4 months where she assess their ability to pay her rent, buy groceries and take her kids to school…

She’s also been known to give advice on cheating. She says if one wants to cheat on their partner then they must do it at least 60 kilometres away. That way the chances of you getting caught are slimmer… Hmmm… Wonder if she’s talking from experience…
And to top it all off, my hairdresser’s been in our local tabloid (B-Metro). She pulled her now ex husbands unmentionables during an argument and the poor guy passed out. This argument was a result of her sharp tongue and quick wit. Granted, I would have done the same had I been in her position but I still maintain my initial stance, I have a crazy hairdresser.


2 thoughts on “On Ipsums, MPVs and passing out…

  1. This is an awesome writing, and the photo to die for, lol 🙂
    Uh, I was relating it to my previous relationship experience in a few ways. She was the first to say all her policies for how the world works and will work for her. Quick with a confident wit too! BUT, her logic was so illogical!

    One such policy was for me to never use words of frustration to reply to her accusations and insults. So, I started doing it her way. I confidently and calmly allowed my beliefs about her to just slither off my tongue as she does. That didn’t work either because her number one policy is that her personality disorder logic of how the world works is the only way and there can be no reply to it. Uh, I wouldn’t wish such a situation on my worst enemies, yet I loved her a lot. Just couldn’t make that work, lol

    • I love the pic too, not that I’m brave enough to ever try anything like that though… lol

      ha ha ha ha that lady sounds like a force to be reckoned with! and the funniest part is when they try to convince you their view of the world is the way forward 🙂 but they do make the world a more interesting place 🙂

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