Muroora anouya kumba*

I spent about an hour a chasing a goat.

or was the goat chasing me because I did spend a large amount of time trying to get out of its way...

 It was for my mother’s new muroora**. That’s my culture. When you get a new muroora**, you buy her a goat as a sign to say she is welcome into your family. I don’t know why it must be a goat specifically but that’s just how things are done. My thoughts are that a pig is considered unclean and a substantial number of people  do not eat pork in Zimbabwe so if you buy a pig and they don’t eat pork then the in-laws might take it the wrong way. A cow is too big for such a small occasion. Ok, relatively small since we had about 15-20 people at home that weekend. And mutton is not as popular as goat meat in Zimbabwe. Again, this is my opinion, I do not know the “proper” reason why a goat is used.

They arrived late, round about half past three in the afternoon. We were expecting them around noon. But they did let us know they were running late, which is what is important. It was 3 of them. The new muroora**, her tete***, and her older sister. We ushered them in and showed them where they would sit for the next 8 hours or so. A spot had been prepared on the floor, right there on my mother’s burgundy carpet. It was a jovial atmosphere. My mother’s house was packed with tetes, maigurus****, varooras**,  sekurus****** and more from my side of the family. It felt like a party but without music unless one considers my tetes and cousins singing off-key as music although that would be an unjust use of the word!

So we fed the in-laws but they were not allowed to eat chicken.

this is what they were missing out on...

Still haven’t figured out why yet. And they had to sit on the floor till about 1 am.

By 1 a.m. i'm sure this is how they felt!

The point behind this is that marriage is hard work. And one will have to show perseverance and endurance hence the long sitting/waiting period. Personally I think there are better and more effective ways for muroora** to prove she loves my brother but it’s the Shona culture. It is what tradition says and who am I to argue with tradition.

Anyway, aside from doing dishes and slaving over the stove, it went well. Muroora was welcomed into the family and everybody was happy.

the goat was somewhere in the background 🙂

*The daughter in law comes home
**daughter in law (singular) varoora (plural)
*** aunt (father’s sister)
**** brother’s older wife(s)
***** grandfathers but in this case uncles

6 thoughts on “Muroora anouya kumba*

  1. My mother in law is from Lesotho and when I went to Lesotho I went through a similar experience. I was met at the door by my aunties who gave me a big wet kiss, ON THE LIPS!!!! aarg. Then they all spoke Sotho and I listened in wonder. At dinner time they started whispering, and i continued to wonder. Yho. Then they gave me a plate with food. My hubby was trying to whisper something to me in Shona, but I couldn’t understand. He was saying something about the meat, but I didnt know whether he was saying I should eat it or not. I decided to do whatever works, if the meat was nice I’d eat it, if it wasn’t too bad. Well, this particular piece of meat was beyond edible. I couldnt eat it. It was tough, some part of a goat that they gave to a new bride. How rude! If you ate all of it they’d think you are greedy. They all had a laugh at my expense. At least i didnt have to go through the muroora thing in Zimbabwe.

    • they kiss on the lips!!!!!!!! aaaagggghhhhhhh!

      ha ha ha ha so if you don’t eat you’re rude and if you eat it all you’re greedy. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t *the joys of being a muroora* 🙂

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