Introducing Rupert Pupkin…

When someone agrees to guest blog for you, you have to introduce them to your audience.

Introducing… Rupert Pupkin.

Someone I knew in a previous lifetime agreed to guest blog using Rupert Pupkin as his stage name. This post is about where the name came from.

The King of Comedy is a 1983 film about Rupert Pupkin. Rupert (played by Robert DeNiro) is a wanna be stand-up comedian who believes if he appears on the late-night television show of Jerry Langford then his glory will follow. Rebuffed by Langford, Rupert hatches a plan with his friend,  Masha to kidnap the TV host and ransom him for a shot at glory.

Stay tuned for Rupert Pupkin’s shot at glory on Sunshyne’s blog.



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