Ode to my computer

Dear Computer

We first met in 2007.

You were about 4 years old. Black and silver with blue lights. Flat screen, 17 inches.

And even though you were a hand me down, you were new to me and I loved you just as you were. All 500GB of you. You were good to me. You let me download stuff books, movies, series, and music. You played a major part in my love affair with music. You would sing me to sleep, and when I was low and needed to smile and relax, you would provide me with comic relief. All the comedy shows that you kept in your memory tank for whenever I needed them. You would even let me play games with others online, not to mention the numerous books I read from your screen!

What about all our late nights typing assignments and tutorials? Computer, you were there for me although in your formative/primitive years, you became quite forgetful and played hide and seek with some of my work. But I still loved you.

Then one day you got sick.

It started off as a mild throaty infection. Sometimes I would tap you lightly on your side, then you would be ok for a few moments. But it got worse and the infection produced a continuous hum from you. The last 3 years were hard for us though. With us being in different countries. But I made a plan, I brought you home but it was too late. After traveling for over 20 hours to get you to me, you got here but wouldn’t wake up. I tried to call a specialist for you but they told me there was nothing more I could do.

Goodbye Computer.

Thank you for the many wonderful years we shared. I will miss you.

In memory of computer

July 2007 to somewhere between December 2010 and March 2012

For serving me faithfully for such a long time


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