on pamper parties for one…

Friday 25 May was Africa Day which translated into a day off for working class like me. A day to sleep in, relax, have an English breakfast… But in this situation, I had a major to do list and I was feeling sorry for myself. Work has been hectic the last couple of weeks and I had been feeling drained – mentally, physically, spiritually, emotionally, all the allys. My body was feeling the effects of late nights and greasy take aways.

Mine didn’t quite look like this…

I was in dire need of a pick me up and I decided to make the most of this day off and threw myself a pamper party. A pamper party for 1! I steamed and scrubbed my face and exfoliated my body. The best part was it cost me nothing! I made myself a sugar scrub. I used sugar from my mom’s kitchen, some coconut oil (I use this on my hair) and 2 drops of peppermint oil (it’s rather strong so use sparingly…a little goes a long way!) I used the sugar scrub on my entire body and my skin felt so baby soft after that. Plus I felt very refreshed # still trying to figure out why I had ever stopped exfoliating# So the next time you need a pick me up, home-made sugar scrubs are the way to go!

Here’s to more pamper parties for 1!

Next time I’m going all out, candles and everything!

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