week 1 in photos…

Day 1

White pony, pink pony, chocolate pony. even the animals have turned into chocolate…

Day 2


Day 3

whatever the question may be, chocolate is ALWAYS the answer!

Day 4

stepped into a kombi and one of the other patrons had these, I could almost taste the vinegar…

Day 5

Day 6

caramel donuts, so sweet, so fresh…

Day 7

Its been a challenging 7 days but I’m glad to say I have it made without cheating! Besides the headaches, mood swings, hallucinations and cravings that almost wanted to take over (withdrawal symptoms for sure!) I have managed to say NO to junk food. 1 week down, 3 more to go!

On another note, the pup is up to $11 in fines. Each time he swears he pays a dollar. But I have to be honest, the true value should be about $6 but if he says something I don’t like then I fine him anyway *insert evil laugh here* The Pup gave me a box of smarties today. I guess its payback for fining him without due cause… I accepted it and said thanx with a smile on my face and told him I would put it away until my 30 days are over! I’m thinking of giving it away though… Don’t know if I will be able to resist those 11pm sugar cravings…

4 thoughts on “week 1 in photos…

  1. 7 Days darling and you are still at it. Mr NSR has been faithfully cheering me on lol As for The Pup and those smarties – sabotage .Keep at it.Challanges are mountains you are climbing daily.

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