week 2 on cheating…

Week 2 was much better. The cravings were not as bad and I’ve learnt how to snack healthier. I’ve discovered Provita crunchyvites which are available in three fruity flavours; lemon and honey, red cherry and currant, and orange and sesame seed. I’m not sure just how healthy they are but its better than reaching for some chocolate and they taste good too πŸ™‚

I’m also trying to get into eating more fruits and nuts. I love cashews so that’s what I’ll be snacking on now. But like all good things, a little goes a long way. Cashews have a high fat content so over consumption can cause unwanted weight gain so moderation is KEY!

My one splurge is these Bakers mini cheddars. I have a fairly good idea these are NOT healthy but they are baked so that’s how I make myself feel better.

In other news, The Pup’s potty mouth is much better now. The money I’ve collected in fines is less than the number of days we have gone through this month so far. So that’s a good sign. I hope this will last way after the challenge is over! I probably have to start thinking about what gift to get him now… any suggestions will be welcome πŸ™‚

Have a good weekend!

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