week 4 on success…

I have officially survived 4 weeks of NO JUNK FOOD! The beginning was difficult but by the time I got to week 2, it was much easier. I haven’t suffered from any serious cravings and I think I can officially start my healthier better living! I did indulge myself when I went away for my girls weekend but hey rules are meant to be broken… šŸ˜› *you try saying NO to red velvet cake, lol* Its been a long four weeks filled with loads of temptation (The Pup brought out boxes of Ferrero Rochers, one of my friends re-discovered her love for chocolate biscuits, my mum decided that the month of June would be one where my favourite biscuits are always available in the kitchen, etc etc etc)…

I’ve decided I’m not going to cut junk food out completely from my diet. I’ll allow myself to indulge about once a week but I will take more notice of what I eat. But overall,Ā  I’m happy I survived. šŸ™‚

Here’s to a healthier, happier Sunshyne! ā™„


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