On babysitting…

My sister has left me in charge of her little ones aged 4 and 6 for the next 2 weeks. I know it will not be smooth sailing all the way but the kids do make for good anecdotes. These are the stories I will remind them of when they are in their teens.

This conversation happened between my nephew and I on the way to drop him off at school.

Him: I saw the beast
Me: What beast?
Him: The human beast.
Me: The human beast?
Him: oh yes, I just saw him now.
Me: Which beast?
Him: The human beast from tv
Me: Oh, that beast, the rugby player?
Him: Yes, that beast. I like the beast.

Tendai Mtawarira
This is the human beast that my nephew loves!

His sister on the other hand has her own stuff going on… She had 2 teeth that were shaking and soon to fall out (one was shakier than the other). In anticipation of the tooth fairy and all the coins she brings, the little one began to help her teeth so that they could fall out a little quicker.

This is who I am supposed to be…

And being the ever cautious and scared aunt (how do I even begin to explain to her parents that the child had to go to the dentist late at night because she pulled her tooth out and is bleeding profusely? Are all babysitters as paranoid as me? ) Anyway, I digress, being the ever so cautious aunt, I advised my niece to leave the tooth alone as all that shaking could cause bleeding. In spite of these pearls of wisdom, the damage had been done and the tooth fell out sometime during supper. I think she swallowed it actually. OH, the waterworks! I had forgotten about these things. I stay at home with my mom and the house help – no tears there!!! When asked why she was crying she then informed me that she had lost her tooth and was so looking forward to getting R10 from the tooth fairy. Wait, tooth fairies give R10! WHAT! REALLY? Not R5? Yes, I’m el cheapo like that 😉 Anyhoo, I consoled her by telling her the tooth fairy can find lost teeth too and I almost blew it when I forgot to put the money under her pillow but my creative side kicked in and mainini (Shona for small mother (literal translation) used to refer to the mother’s younger sister(s) saved the day. She has 2 pillows and had only checked underneath one so I gently suggested she check both pillows. And ABRACADABRA – the money was there.

The note my niece wrote for the tooth fairy. How could I not give her R10 after this???? In the corner, she writes please look under the door.

obstacles getting in the way of happy babysitting 0

mainini 1


3 thoughts on “On babysitting…

  1. Interesting read , i ll definitely be following this blog . You might want to add ‘personal banker to the tooth fairy’ to your CV

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