But its broken!


The 18th of July was Nelson Mandela’s birthday. The niece had to attend school dressed proudly South African and as we are Zimbabwean and don’t have a national dress, I had to go shopping for the kids to get something appropriate. I say kids because in this household, you can’t buy anything for one child and not the other. The kids have learnt the art of emotional blackmail – you love her more than me etc and I can’t handle that stuff. I just cave right in and give the other what they want lol. So I decided to get a beanie and scarf set for both kids. I then picked out what clothes they would wear. Its winter so I went with jeans and jackets. My nephew has a pair of distressed jeans that I think are so cute so I picked those for him to  wear to school.

He could look like Kanye…

Or look as cool as Usher….

or like teen heart-throb Justin…

but all the little one managed to say was “but mainini, they are broken!”

My nephew didn’t understand why his jeans had to be “broken” by the knee. He didn’t understand this fashion madness situation that his aunt was trying to get him to adopt.

Ah the refreshing innocence of childhood! 🙂



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