On the Star Bwoy effect…

Guy: Hey, I’m leaving town today.

Girl: What? Why?

Guy: I got a job in xxx.

Girl: Really? Is it permanent?

Guy: No, it’s a 6 month contract

Girl: So you”ll be back in December…

Guy: Yeah, unless they renew the contract…

Girl: So, are we like taking a break?

Guy: yeah, something like that.

Girl: Will you come back and visit?

Guy: Of course dear. You know I love you, right!

Girl: *whispers* yeah, I love you too.

Guy: Just hold on. You deserve better than me

Girl:  I don’t want ‘better’! I want you! I love you! I don’t want anybody else!

Guy: I wish things could remain as they are but for your sake, our sake, our future, you need to move on. I will always love you!

Girl: *breaks into tears*I’m going to miss you

Cue sad love song here (pick between one, two, three, four songs)

Guy: Me too.* walks away*

End scene

A good friend of mine moved to another town. He told me about the move after he had already left town. It felt like we were going through breaking up. And because we all know I have a very vivid imagination and he indulges me, I wrote out a little scene for how it all went down. Ok, so I embellished on some of the finer points but that’s what it felt like. We’ve been friends for over a decade. Whenever I need a pick me up, I know I can count on him. If I want to go out and have fun, all I have to do is pick up the phone.  The friendship will always be there but it was nice to know that he was in the same town. Now I have to wait 3 hours and 190 kilometres.



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