On being 100 days old

Heavenly Father

I place Mazvita Olivia Chikoto into your hands. I thank you for her life and for the joy she has brought into ours. I thank you for her health and that she is with us today. I pray that the smile she always has on her face now as a baby will remain throughout her life. 

May you guide her steps as she goes through life.

May her heart and spirit remain pure.

May you fill her heart with love.

May she grow up to be a lady who is firmly rooted in your word.

May she be full of dreams and be free of fear to go for her dreams.

May she have good  health.

May she be guided by your word in all decisions she makes.

May she find happiness in all avenues of her life.

May she achieve all the desires of her heart and more.

May she be surrounded  by people who will build her up, encourage her and inspire her.

May she always be blessed

In Jesus name,


My niece (the latest addition to the family) turned 100 days old a few weeks ago.


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