On being frustrated…

I’m frustrated.

I’m frustrated by a nation that persecutes you for expressing freedom of speech.

I’m frustrated by a nation where the cops want their presence to be felt so they arrest you for whatever flimsy reason they want and they get away with it.

I’m frustrated that people around me are getting arrested for loitering and prostitution as they walk out of a club at night.

I’m frustrated by cops that think it is ok to touch you and say inappropriate things because they know you have no one else to turn to.

I’m frustrated that it has become the norm to bribe traffic officials to get out of tickets.

I’m frustrated because people in the service industry get upset when you complain about bad service.

I’m frustrated by council telling its residents they need to synchronise flushing.

I’m frustrated by a country that cannot feed its own people and is buying food grown by the same people they threw out.

I’m frustrated by the fall of the education system in a country that used to have the best education in Africa.

I’m frustrated by all the potholes on the road.

I’m frustrated by the corruption in all levels of government.

I’m frustrated by the amount of dirt on the ground.

I’m frustrated that when bins are provided, they get destroyed because they were donated by the gay community.

I’m frustrated.

I’m frustrated by the millions of dollars that are apparently obtained from diamonds every month. So why do my roads still have potholes? Why is the infrastructure in my country so worn out? Why is the health system so terrible? Why do we have power cuts? Why does council insist on water rationing when it is not working? Statistics reveal we use more water now since the rationing started than we did before.

I’m frustrated. I’m looking for answers but have nowhere to find them.

I’m frustrated by the state my country is in. I’m frustrated because a few years ago, we were heading in the direction now we’ve taken 10 steps back. I’m frustrated because I see the progress other African countries are making and can’t help but wonder, why not us? Why not my country? But most of all I think I’m frustrated because I feel hopeless and helpless. I don’t know where to start finding solutions.


3 thoughts on “On being frustrated…

  1. bamkuru says:

    Start by helping others in your neighborhood or community. Volunteer at a school (teach Maths or English), or church (do their admin or teach). Read to kids once a week at your local library, with your own books (we know there’s nothing in the library). By giving of your time, you can help make your community a better, safer, and more pleasant place to live. By volunteering, you don’t have to take on some massive responsibilities and change the world. Just simple things that take a little time and make a huge difference

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