on rantings and ravings…

The bins in Joburg are all branded. I know what you are thinking…


BUt that’s not what I’m talking about… Oh no, I’m talking about cheap A4 pieces of paper stuck to the bins offering all sorts of services!


Penis enlargements, quick pain-free abortions, bring back your lost lover. Wait, huh? How do you lose a lover?

  • Do you misplace them like your car keys?
  • I can’t remember where I last placed him/her?
  • He was here just a second ago…?

So I’ve been using public transport a lot more over the last couple of weeks. And these are some of the things I notice as I sit looking out of the window daydreaming of the day I own my own car and no longer have to take public transport. And I’ve observed certain things that people do which they seem to think are ok. Its public transport. It’s NOT ok! It’s NOT ok to draw in eyebrows and put on your face in front of us!  It’s NOT ok to pick your nose? It’s NOT ok to talk loudly and swear? I realise you’re not going for a role model of the year award but at least respect somebody else’s space! It might have been ‘cool’ when you were 16 but now its just pathetic! Those are just some of the ‘happenings’ I encounter in my daily public transport journey.

And while I rant and rave about the misdoings of people on this particular public transport system, I’m very grateful to have an efficient train system which is usually very punctual and has very few service interruptions.


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