on Monica…

I met a girl

And we hit it off immediately!

She had a beautiful smile

And always had a story or two to share

I knew her for a short space of time

But it was more than enough to make us friends.

We spent time together on 2 occasions

Celebrating the start of a new life

And mourning the end of another

The irony!

But we hit it off immediately

Swapped numbers so we could check up on each other.

Then she stopped responding to my messages

But she was always on my mind!

So I decided to confront her

Why had she gone silent?

Had I done/said something wrong?

Or was ours a seasonal friendship?

And our season was spent!

Those thoughts would have been more comforting than the truth!

The girl I had met

The girl I befriended

Had passed away!

She was no more!

I was not there when they buried her

But I too shed a tear

i didn’t get the chance to say goodbye

To share one more joke

To smile and tease each other

To hear her say I know what I want in life!

To hug her

To hear her laugh!

I think of her often

I miss her

RIP Monica!
Gone but never forgotten!


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