on sisters, marriage and growing up…

One of my sisters and I have a running gag that has gone on for the past couple of years. Our mom would always tell us how we would embarrass her when we got married as we could not cook and the in-laws would send us back. Now, in the Shona culture, having your daughter sent back is highly “humiliating”. It reflects badly on the girl’s family as it implies that they did not raise her up right hence she was “returned”.   In our defence, it wasn’t that we couldn’t cook. Those who know us on a personal level know that we can hold our own in the kitchen. Truth is – we were just lazy. So whenever we chose to have mazoe and bread over cooking sadza nemuriwo she lectured us!

Don’t get me wrong. Mummy meant well! She just wanted to raise daughters who wouldn’t struggle to put together a decent meal. The idea of us embarrassing her was what made the situation hilarious for my sister and I.  Fast forward 10 – 15 years later, my sister is getting married and as the ever-so-loving little sister – I am quick to tease her about how she must now know how to cook since she is getting married!


Big sis and I at my graduation.

4 thoughts on “on sisters, marriage and growing up…

  1. hahahahaha my mother loved to say that too because I have never been a morning person. Resisting the alarm clock was (and still is) my thing. Congratulations to your sister. I am sure she will amke a great wife.

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